Day 2 – Describe a Dream

Topic: Describe a dream you’ve had more than once.
Everyone has a dream, or nightmare, they’ve had more than once. Either write a post describing one, or explaining why you think it you’ve had the dream multiple times.

The dream I have had more times than any other, I actually haven’t had since I was a kid. But I used to have it about two or three times a year; and it went something like this:

I would “wake up” in the middle of the night to this crazy storm. It was the kind of storm that made me feel like the house was going to be ripped from its foundation. Whether it was supposed to be a hurricane or what, I do not know. But either way, the roof of the house would always rip away, leaving me in bed looking toward the cloud-filled sky. Of course the next thing to happen would be that my parents, sister, and I would meet up in the middle of the house, terrified, then run out the door for our lives!
I should clarify that this storm was not how you may be imagining it. There wasn’t that much rain at all: just wind. A lot of wind. Also, it is worth noting that whenever I would look to the sky, amid the flashes of lightning I would see a face in the clouds!

It was cheesy, I know. The face was the chubby childish looking face that typically personifies wind or clouds in all the Greco-roman artwork that you see in history books and museums, but it still managed to be pretty scary.
The strangest part of this storm-with-a-visage was that every time, in every dream, it appeared to be looking for me. When my family and I would escape the house to run down the road, I would hide under trees and overhangs, and look up at the clouds. The face seemed to be searching to streets below for someone. I always assumed it was me, anyway. It was my dream, after all.
I always woke up after my family had traversed as far as my great-grandparents house a few blocks away. We would get in their house, frantically try to get them out the door, then once we got out I would wake up. That’s it. Always at that moment, my eyes would open and it would be morning. I always found it strange that playing back the dream in my head only takes about a minute or two, but it somehow managed to last an entire night. I don’t know how. Sorry, there isn’t a resolve to it. Maybe, one day i’ll make one up just to finish the story. I mean, it was my dream after all.


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