Day 12 – (Catching Up) Clothes Closet

I know I have fallen quite behind in the writing practice. Last week was ridiculous! There came only a few spare moments in few nights last week that I could have written, but honestly, when it’s that busy and I can choose either writing or hanging with my wife: I pick my wife. Sorry readers, but given those options, I will pick her every time! Anyway, as part of trying to catch up, here is a little post about my adventures with some of our awesome teens from church this weekend:

Last week, we had the most incredible opportunity to make a difference in our community. We met up at HRDC in Enterprise Saturday morning with one goal in mind: help HRDC build a user-friendly, inviting, an functional clothes closet for the community. Armed with a slew of clothes racks* donated by Love in Action Ministries; tons of clothes hangers generously given to us by the local Goody’s; and a insatiable desire to love God, love others, and serve the world, we attacked the upstairs of the HRDC building for a couple hours. When we finished there was an upstairs community clothes facility ready to be used by anyone in need! I know it was insane, but you rocked it! It was especially awesome to see how God provided those racks at the last possible minute. And they were perfect! Great job guys!

*The racks story is awesome! Basically, after asking a few local businesses about donating some clothes racks with zero success, I had given up on getting them by Saturday. On Saturday, however, the morning of the event, our pastor calls me and says that he got a call to go help look through some stuff in storage with Ken Tuck of Love in Action Ministries, and there were six racks there that weren’t being used! Ken, who is awesome, donated them to us and Pastor Gene brought them to us all in the span of about 20 minutes. Absolutely beyond perfect timing!


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