Green Lantern #9 Review

This book is the first of its kind to come along in a while: A Green Lantern lantern book AFTER THE BLACKEST NIGHT, that seems to be the beginning of something worth getting really excited about! Don’t get me wrong I love just about every Green Lantern book that Geoff Johns has written, but let’s face it, every issue since DC’s relaunch has gotten a little less and less…. lackluster. But this story, “Secret of the Indigo Tribe” is finally getting the feel of the older GL books back! The huge universe and ominous prophecy of total destruction just over the horizon, feel reminiscent of a pre- blackest night book again!

It also helps to shed some light on why the book has focused so much on Sinestro lately. In the beginning of the new 52, I thought the reason for the small cast and the focus of the book was to help new readers experience who Hal is, but now it makes much more sense in the light (yes, I did) of what the indigo tribe is doing to Sinestro. Without the last arc’s reminders of just how heavy and heinous Sinestro’s crimes have been, It’s doubtful seeing him getting pulled into the Indigo Tribe would have been as poignant. It also, adds incredible irony to think that Sinestro has been “making amends” and becoming a more compassionate character for the last 8 issues without the help of the indigo light! It seem much more coercive and wrong to see the Indigo Tribe force him to take the ring, when we’ve seen the progress he has been making as a Green Lantern.

Though this issue could be picked up pretty easily and still be understood, It was loaded with answers to questions, and big reveals that most long-time Green Lantern fans will love! (i.e. finally learning what “Nok” means, and what Abin Sur has to do with the Indigo tribe)

Plus, It’s just great to see Black Hand on the cover of a Green Lantern book again!

Bottom line: This is the beginning of a great direction for Green Lantern, and it is indeed STILL a great time to be a GL fan!


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