Batman and Robin #9 Review

And there was Robin…

It is no secret that, since it launched, the “Batman and Robin” series has basically been a Robin story, with a supporting cast of Batman. This issue finally takes off the training wheels of that concept and give the whole book solely to Robin, with Batman not getting even one frame. You know what? It works! Robin has been getting so much more defined as a character in this series that now he has proven he can stand on his own two feet with no Bat-crutch in sight and deliver a solid, engaging story! Seriously, way to go, Damian, way to go!

The Night of the Owls Tie-in

The way that the “Night of the Owls” story is getting worked into each Bat-related book this month is also really well done, as shown here. Apparently, Scott Snyder was serious when he said that it wouldn’t be a crossover in the traditional sense, because each book would still have it’s own story and one would definitely not need to read the other books ( i.e. Batgirl, Nightwing, Batman, Catwoman, etc) to appreciate and understand each story. That promise has been made before concerning crossovers, But in this case, we are actually seeing it. My only complaint – and it’s a small one – is that most of these “Night of the Owls” books feel like quick interruptions that have no real meaning to any of the characters. Of course, it is too early to say whether it will have any long-lasting affect on Batman’s universe, but it just does’t appear likely… except for what happened in Batgirl’s book, but that’s another review…

Bottom line: Great story. Easy to pick up and read. Only downside is that it feels like a side story of no long-lasting importance.


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