Justice League #9 Review

“The Villain’s Journey” Part 1

This marks the beginning of the second story arc by legendary writer, Geoff Johns. There is so much going on right in this issue. It sets up an exciting chain of events, that I can’t wait to see unfold over the next few issues! The most audacious thing about this new story is that Johns is writing the origin of a brand new villain, who is to become the Justice League’s newest largest arch-nemesis. And as you find out in this issue, the new villain isn’t what you would expect! Since this is a spoiler-free review I can’t give you details on that, except that there are certain things I expected to see in a “nemesis of the JL” and it wasn’t what I thought. Everything about this looks like the Justice League is headed to great places!

One must tip their hat to Jim Lee and the artists on this team too. The colors, perspective, and facial expressions in this book were just perfect! Of course this book always looks just great!

Bottom line: Great start to a great new story, in one of DC’s biggest books! Don’t miss it!


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