Captain Atom #9 bringing it to an end?


Captain Atom #9 takes the current power set of the character to it’s ultimate and undeniable conclusion. Since the new 52, Captain Atom has gotten more and more powerful, until, now, he is being worshipped by everyone as literally a god among men. He doesn’t know how to handle it.

This book is the kind of thrill ride that only this overly powered Captain Atom could bring! It is set in a crazy future. And Cap’s guide there is himself! (as if he wasn’t powerful enough, a future version of him can time travel too)

One unexpected turn though was to see the affect on Cap’s love interest in the future, after living with the effects of getting her hand burned by him when he was less than in control of his powers.


It would be great to see that idea more fully explored, as well as all of Captain Atom’s possibilities, in this future setting. but alas he will probably be heading home very soon. Hopefully, when the next arc starts, he will get more connected with the DC Universe as a whole. If that doesn’t happen, it won’t matter how good this book is, it will be dropped soon. Not by TwentyList, mind you, but by DC. It’s sales are among the lowest in DC’s 52 books. It will be one of those books everyone will find and read long after it ended and say “wow! That was awesome! Why did it get cancelled?”

bottom line: weird but great book. Strange but energetic and fun art. Fantastic covers. Probably not going to be around for long


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