Morning Glories Review


The origin of this Morning Glories fan is a familiar one. Maybe you’ve heard it before:

A boy walks into comic shop. He has planned to make a quick in and out trip. He knows exactly what he wants and doesn’t plan to pick up anything new. Out of the corner of his eye, the boy notices a cover. A gorgeous cover! It’s dark and mysterious and contains a paradoxically bright unassuming title.

Morning Glories.

The boy talks to the shop owner, and finds out it is a big hit among the few who have ventured to pick it up. The story in the book is far along, though, so the shop owner suggests that the boy pick up the first volume compilation and see if he likes the story as much as the artwork. He did. Then he added it to his pull list. Then he wrote a review.

Morning Glories is a new addition to my rotation. Normally, I wouldn’t really be into it. It features no superhero, no big universe, no super powers: none of my usual cup-o-tea.
Nevertheless, this book is a win! And for a simple and obvious reason: great writing and great looking art. It shows that, if something is done well enough, it can capture readers who aren’t even fans of the genre. The genre(s) of the book are two categories that usually don’t get into: schoolyard drama, and horror. But the way the writing throws these incredibly defined characters into the most unexpectedly twisted situations is such a thrill ride! It’s not terribly “horrific” as it is suspenseful with a touch of gore. Not a ton of gore and not blood for sake of blood, But enough to make you squirm just a bit. Art-wise, not only are there many pages that just look great, it is one of those books where the art drives you through the story just as much as the dialog. It’s not uncommon to get a page with no writing at all, and just the pictures to guide you through what’s happening. Anyway, this is a new member to the TwentyList family! …and the second non-superhero genre book, right after The Walking Dead.

bottom line: not suited for younger reader. Great mystery-laden story with elements of horror. Fantastic art!


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