The Walking Dead brings us “Something to Fear”

Issue 97 of the hit series, The Walking Dead made big promises this month with a new storyline entitled, “Something of Fear” as if there hasn’t been anything to fear so far! It’s is a decent starting-point issue, but you will need a little character background to fully appreciate the drama that backdrops much of the dialog. This is nothing that watching the first couple seasons of the TV show can’t fix, though!

It is way to early to see if the banner of this story lives up to it’s name, but it does seem to be building to something big, as Rick makes a bold move upon meeting a group of religious fanatics with a lot of supplies. I think we are beginning to see what the writer may be out to show us: That living thinking human beings can be much more frightening than mindless, undead, walking corpses; Perhaps, that is what the cover art is trying to infer.

Notes for new readers: This book is not recommended for younger readers. Also, don’t be to quick to pass it up because the art is in monochrome. if you stick with it, you’ll see that black and white is the perfect backdrop for this kind of story. Lastly, be patient if you don’t understand everything happening right away. it’s okay, Kirkman has built quite a world in the last 97 issues so don’t expect to catch it all in one issue. Enjoy the ride!

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