Review: Batman Incorporated #1

It’s finally here! after waiting for resolution to the “Batman Inc.” story, that Grant Morrison started almost two years ago, Batman Incorporated is back! Now, how does it stand up to the old book? How does it fit in with DC’s New 52, and is it worth the hype? Check out this review to find out:

Good: I’ve noticed that whether you like Grant Morrison’s writing or not, one thing is undeniable. He knows how to write character dialog! From the very first couple pages of the issue, he makes it clear what the personalities of Batman and Robin are, especially with Robin. Most of the guys who have written Damian Wayne, as the new Robin have done a great job of getting across that he is highly trained, very serious, and an ex-cold-blooded assassin. Morrison, not only does that, but also reminds us that even though he has a morbid past, he is still a 10 year old child! For example: In the opening scene, the Duo is fighting crime in a slaughter house, where cows are being killed. After the fight, as Damian’s last stand, he saves the last cow in the building from the meat-house owner, and proclaims to his dad:

Yup, that is definitely a 10 year old! It’s this way of bringing the character to life that is so good, you could tell who is speaking in the comic without even looking at the pages! Not that you would want to take your eyes off this until you were done.

The art is spectacular! and it feels very ambitious too. When there are scenes with a lot of movement and flying around punching bad guys, the “camera” angles follow the Dynamic Duo with dizzying effects, almost giving you the sense that you are running and spinning and punching along with them! When everyone is chatting or arguing, the emotions are literally written on their faces. As far as the style, it sticks out from all of DC’s other stuff, so you will either love it or hate. But you have to admit it is very ambitious, creative, and at the very least, demands an opinion!

Bad: The worst thing about this issue has nothing to do with the content as much as the cover: Namely, that obvious “#1” next to “The New 52”. When you see a number one, it implies that this is the beginning: a great starting point for new readers. But I felt a little inaccessible. The reader gets thrown into the world of Batman Inc. with no background or explanation. Now granted, Morrison isn’t your usual cookie-cutter comic writer, so he may be planning to start with a lot of questions, then add clarity gradually, as it goes. The only way to know for sure is to stay on board! So, TwentyList is adding it to our monthly rotation, so you can on board, with whet looks to be a great new story!

Bottom line: Great action-packed issue, even if it’s a little hard to follow at first. Plus, honestly, it’s just a great book to look at!


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