Daughtry joins the Justice League! Sort of…

Whether you are a fan or not, you must admit that Chris Daughtry has become quite the success. As of now he is using that success to be a hero, and to remind us that as DC Comics is saying in their campaign against hunger that We Can Be Heroes too!
Chris Daughtry announced in a concert last night that he is partnering with DC Comics to spread the word about their “We Can Be Heroes” campaign, which is using their Comic influence and heroic characters to promote fighting hunger in the horn of Africa. They are directing comic book fans and anyone else who would like to join in making a difference to give on their site, which then uses the money to fight hunger through their partners: Save the Children, International Rescue Committee, and Mercy Corps. Not only are they just asking people to give, though, DC Entertainment is matching every dollar given through We Can Be Heroes with their own monetary donation!

Now, that is heroic!

Whether you are a fan of Daughtry, DC, the Justice League, or none of the above. This is one of those far to rare moments when, and for-profit company uses their might for justice and hope in the world, rather than to make another quick buck. So, let’s show them that it’s worth it to put your resources into something bigger than profit margin.

Watch the video, then give.


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