DC announces iconic gay character’s name! (Spoiler-alert!)

Last week, DC announced that a major iconic character from the DC Universe would be coming out as a gay character in the New 52! Well, according to writer of DC’s “Earth 2”, James Rbinson, the character will be none other than Alan Scott: the original Green Lantern!


As he states in an interview with ComicVine, this is one way of pulling the essence of who he is as a hero forward into this century. Also among the changes, he will no longer be a train engineer, or a radio-station owner, but the owner of an Internet media company; which is another way of updating the character. Also, as youcan see in the first drawing, his costume has gotten updated with more armor and a new GL logo. One thing you can’t tell yet is whether he still has the cape.
Whether you agree with the idea or not, this is going to be one interesting ride! Catch a little bit of Alan Scott in the next issue of Earth 2, then see his first ever appearance in the “New 52” as Green Lantern in issue #3 next month!


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