THE SPIDER #1: Review and Preview

Ok, I’ll admit that when you hear that a comic book has gone back for a second printing, it’s a pretty safe bet to say it is going to be worth reading. That was my logic for picking up issue 1 of The Spider this month. Not usually a fan of Dynamite Comics’ publications, I went ahead and added this book to my list anyway, just on the thought that if it sold out and is still selling in it’s second printing, it can’t be that bad.


This book was so good, that I couldn’t just leave everyone with a review, so there is a preview of the first 4 pages, just to get across the point I have to make in the review, as to what is so great about The Spider.

This book has mood just dripping from the pages! There is so much noir attitude and pulp-styling done so well that it is just unstoppable! The writing does such a great job of showing the reader that this “hero” is a little nuts, and definitely crossing “the line” in a lot of ways. But somehow, they still make him feel heroic, even enviable. It reminds me of Rorschach from the Watchmen books. Even the opening lines have that gritty 1920’s mob feel, right from the start.

The art is so perfect for the mood of this book: an example of realism at it’s finest! As you can see in the preview, the scene’s featuring the Spider are drawn with cool web-laced borders and show more artistic freedom. The later scenes featuring the spider out-of-costume are done more with the feel of a movie scene, from classic pulpy camera angles to vague but all-too-real expressions on the faces. This book is definitely one to order before issue 2 starts. especially if your in the mood for something different, nostalgic, and a little more mature than the usual “anti-hero” comic.

Bottom line: gritty, serious, gorgeous. not for kids.

Check out these first opening pages:


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