4-minute preview of Amazing Spiderman! and some good signs of things to come…

If you haven’t seen the 4-minute preview of The Amazing Spiderman, then watch it first here! Afterwards see our 6 signs that this version of Spidey will be better than… the last one.

6 hopeful signs from the 4-minute preview:

1. Spidey’s smarts: Of course in the old trilogy, they made Peter Parker “smart”. But he made so many dumb decisions in those films, that it led us to believe he had no street sense. The way Spidey handles the situation with the child at the beginning of this preview shows that he has all the smarts and creative thinking that we expect from our favorite wall crawler, and the fact that he invents web shooters proves he is brilliant!

2. Spidey’s attitude: One thing anyone who has read the comics or even watched the ’90s cartoon will tell about spider mans personality, is that he is one wise-crackin’ sarcastic nerd with a quick wit! Here we finally get to see THAT spiderman. He mouths of to a car thief in true spidey fashion, and offers a sarcastic retort to the gym coach in the preview: a good sign of things to come.

3. Secret Origin: Not focusing on giving us the origin of how the hero came into being, and instead giving us some hidden insight that even the hero didn’t know about his beginnings, is what comic writers and fans call a “secret origin” story. That seems to be what the direction is here with Peter’s parents and such. Much better than giving us the same story we saw before!

4. Mechanical Web-Shooters: I have always hated the the idea that spiderman grows organic “web spinners” in his wrists after getting bit by the spider. Why? simple anatomy. If the result was that Peter became part-spider and gets his web slinging from the spiders genes, then they would NOT be located in his wrists… they be in his butt! Gross? yes. now picture him butt-swinging across town! That’s why it’s dumb. Plus it makes Peter that much more creative that he makes his own shooters; And it lets him make all kinds of different webs, as we’ve seen recently in the comics.

5. Web-swinging with spidey: The thing that is so great about really good spiderman art is that, with the way he crawls upside-down and swings around at weird angles, a great artist knows that we want to go along for the ride, and he draws all those crazy angles into the panels. Well, the cameramen have thought the same thing, and it seems like we get to feel what it’s like to ride along with spiderman on this ride!

6. Curt Connors and The Lizard: Stan Lee said that this was the one villain he always wanted to see in a spiderman movie from the beginning. And I couldn’t agree more! Curt will bring more of the science-fiction to the film. and lizard promises a lot of action! Together the “Jeckyll and hyde” drama makes a great story, with tension for spiderman in having his mentor become his foe. It really annoys me that they tried to do the lizards story with Dr. Octopus in the last iteration… think about it.

That is it. Of course, it is too soon to say for sure that this will be the best Spiderman movie yet, but it does look like we are headed in the right direction. The only way to know for sure is to see it this summer. Will you be there?


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