Dancer #1

Dancer is one of the seemingly endless number of new original books from Image Comics, coming out this summer. While it isn’t off to an amazing start, as you will read momentarily, it is a fun, espionage-esque concept: A long-time retired military assassin, witness an attempted murder of his wife, a talented Ballerina, while in the middle of a performance. The two, full of questions set of to find out who is after her and why. Great idea! Here is the review of the first issue:

Good: The writing is really good, from a conversational perspective. The banter, arguing, love, and all other things happen between the star couple, is just great to read. I don’t know how it was pull off so well with the amount of intensity and action in this book, which kicks into full speed in the very couple pages. Out of the whole package the conversations going on, in the midst of the mayhem and action, were what made this book a pleasure to read!

Bad: First off, I understand that art is somewhat a matter of opinion. we all have different tastes. But I don’t care what you call it. sloppy sketchy art that looks unfinished, is unfinished, and looks sloppy and sketchy! The only i remember thinking about the art is looking at the faces and thinking, wow, look like he didn’t finish in time of print, I guess. I will give it this though: Great panel layouts, and transitions! The motion of the action scenes felt great and really kept me going. it’s just the close-ups and faces – yikes!.

Also, it was a little on the predictable side, the twist at the end, I saw coming from two pages away. It was disappoining to turn the last page and discover that exactly what I said was going to happen, happened. I hope that it gets more surprising as we go along. because, this book does seem like it will be a fun ride!

Bottom Line: Great leading characters, and action. Unfinished art, and predictable ending.


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