Superman #9

Writer, Dan Jurgens has been handling the iconic DC title, “Superman” pretty well for the  last few issues, but this one isn’t quite up to what we were hoping it would be, when he started a couple  months ago. Here is a quick breakdown of why this book gets a 3-star rating:

The Good: As with any “Super” related book, there is one thing you can always count on: Action! This book did have that, as all Superman books tend to, given the epic nature of the hero. The art, from Jesus Merino, is spot on in terms of how a Superman should feel. It has as classic feet that, normal, I don’t really like; but it works in this issue. Either that or it is just growing on me

The Bad: First, I don’t think that Dan Jurgens, has really decided what personalities he wants to give his characters. When he first took over writing the book, the characters seemed so different from the previous by George Perez, that it felt like a total relaunch of the title. I liked  the change and said that Dan, upon taking over should have the freedom to write the character of Lois, Clark, and Jimmy however he would want; But they seem different in this issue from the last. So, is Dan just playing around? Is he still figuring out what kind of “Lois” he wants? And, if so, why is DC letting him play around with such an important and iconic title as superman?

Bottom Line: Good art with a retro feel, nail-biting action as usual, simply not the best writing from its author.

Starting Point: If you’d like to pick this book up as a starting point for reading Superman. It is a good place. Here is what you need to know:

Clark Kent is Superman: a super-powered alien, who now calls earth home and protect its inhabitants. During the day he works at Galaxy Broadcasting: a multimedia news organization, with his friends (who don’t know his secret) Lois and Jimmy. This takes place, presumedly a few weeks after the last issue, considering he seems  no longer to be thinking about Helspont, the alien dictator that he met in the last issue.


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