Wonder Woman movie in the works

Michael Goldenberg, Co-writer of the Green Lantern film, Has been hired by Warner bros to write a script for Wonder Woman! a movie based on Diana, the Amazon princess from the island of Thymascira. No word is out yet on casting, plot, or costume; though it would seem, based on what we’ve seen from Green Lantern , Batman, and the new Superman movies, that it will be and original costume for the movie, loosely based on the current “New 52” costume. and the story will most likely be an origin story of how she became Wonder Woman. and will feature a few little nods to her other stories. Call me jaded, but DC is going to have to win me over on this one. and if this is leading towards a possible Justice League movie. It is going to have to rock! and so is the new Superman movie as well.. We shall see.


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