New All-Digital Batman series launches today!

Taking the next step in it’s attempt to test what the digital medium can do for comics, DC is releasing starting today an all-digital Batman series called “Legends of the Dark Knight” on the apps for i-devices and Android tablets! This actually started when DC relaunch its entire comic book line last year, launching with that reboot all of there books in “same day as print” digital formats”. That worked ok, but, as I will explain later in a later post: “Digital vs Print”, Comic books made for print don’t really translate to digital all that well in terms of experience for a few reasons. But DC really thought of something great when they moved one-step further by launching the “Beyond Batman” universe. If you didn’t read any about it, these books are such a great idea! Basically, they wrote the books in shorter, landscape formatted issues, which works much better on the ipad. and priced them for $.99! Granted you only got a 10-page mini issue. but it came out weekly and, at the end of the month, they were compiled into a 2.99 issue for sale at you local comic shop!

This next step with this Batman series (As well as the Ame-Comi girls series, which I will review later) is to do the same format: $.99, landscape, shorter, weekly; but with no plans yet for a print version… gutsy to be sure, but I don’t see the benefit for them in not compiling a months worth into a single print book. perhaps its the same as making a print book digital, it just won’t translate the reader experience the same way. who knows? Either way, this reader is excited for any Bat-news so I’ll be downloading the first issue soon!

…as soon as I have $.99

The issues come out every Thursday, and are one-shot stories, I believe, featuring different authors and artists in each issue. Here is the release schedule

  • June 7 – “The Butler Did It” written by Damon Lindelof with artwork by Jeff Lemire
  • June 14 – “All of the Above” written by Jonathan Larsen with artwork by JG Jones
  • June 21– “The Crime Never Committed” written by Tom Taylor with artwork by Nicola Scott and Wayne Faucher
  • June 28 – “Crisis of Identity” Part 1 written by B. Clay Moore with artwork by Ben Templesmith
  • July 5 – “Crisis of Identity” Part 2 written by B. Clay Moore with artwork by Ben Templesmith
  • July 12 – “Crisis of Identity” Part 3 written by B. Clay Moore with artwork by Ben Templesmith

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