Ame-Comi Wonder Woman #1

A few weeks ago, ComicVine published an article asking why Wonder Woman can’t get a new costume, when everyone else in DC Comics seems to be able to. If that article was the question, this new comic is the answer. This all-digital comic takes place in the “Ame-Comi girls” universe, which is a place outside of the main DC Comics timeline, where our favorite DC heroines are getting a slightly anime-influenced makeover and new stories. And what a makeover it is! This fresh take on Wonder Woman is trying to do two things that no other Wonder Woman book has been able to do: Give her a successful new costume, and a defining personality beyond just “the girl on the team”. Though this short issue in packed with action, what really caught me by surprise is the dialog, mostly coming from Diana. Her personality has, what can only be described as, spunk. She is rebellious, driven, full of sarcastic one-liners; and acts like she is invincible (Okay, she is invincible, but she acts like a teenager who knows it). One could say she sounds like a girl version of Spiderman, but her sarcasm is slightly different than Spidey’s. Don’t misunderstand; I love the new direction of Woman in the main DC Universe, but this “side-project” version has just a few things going that the main DCU version is still missing. Though this is probably to soon to say (we only have about 10 pages so far, after all), let’s hope that this Diana influences the main one just a little going forward.

Bottom Line: great, but short, but only $.99. Comes out every monday.


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