Earth 2 #2 Review

When DC first announced that it was reintroducing characters from the Justice Society, I got excited. When I saw Jay Garrick getting set up to become the new Flash in the last issue, I got really excited! When DC announced his costume on the cover of this months issue, I got… less excited.

I was a huge fan of the original Flash costume, and seeing the big change to this sort of Ant-man-eque suit with the helmet, I wasn’t to enthused. But after reading this issue I am really into Jay Garrick as the Flash again! There is such a great conversation between him and the messenger god, Mercury, as he gives him his new powers. Then, we get to see him figure his powers out and ride along as his forgets his woes and has an absolute blast, getting the hand of his new abilities.

We are also getting more introduced to Alan Scott, the Green Lantern, that DC announced was going to be a gay character a couple weeks ago. I must admit I am digging his origin just as much. There is such a great nod to the original Green Lantern’s start, though I won’t give anything away for those who haven’t read it yet. If you’d like to know what I mean after you’ve read it, you can read my spoiler-ridden review to find out. The fact that he is gay this time around doesn’t really change him as a character as much as people thought. I’m not really sold on his costume though; at least, not until I see a purple cape!

Bottom Line: Fantastic issue! Surprises, Action, Dialog, Art; all get an A+

Starting Point: If you’d like to pick this book up as a starting point for reading Earth 2, here is what you need to know:

Earth (not the one in all the other DC comics) has just suffered a massive world war against the armies of Apokolips! We won. but not at the expense of our greatest heroes. Superman,Wonder Woman, and Batman all sacrificed their lives ending the war. Now the earth is about to need new heroes; and Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and others are about to take the mantle, starting with Jay Garrick a young football player who meets a dying god…

Pick up Earth #2 to keep going!


4 thoughts on “Earth 2 #2 Review”

  1. I never read anything concerning Earth 2, but the concept has always been very appealing to me. Despite this, I didn’t order any issue of Earth 2 so far, for 2 reasons:
    1) I’m a big fan of Grifter. If the 6 new series DC recently launched push Grifter nearer to the bottom of the sales chart, this series could be cancelled: if so, at least I won’t feel guilty for this.
    2) I’ve seen the previews, and it seems that Earth 2 will be like Image first comics: 100 % action, 0 % story.
    Anyway, I will keep an eye on Earth 2 in the next months, and if I see more interesting previews, then I could give it a try.

    1. I’d say, having read them, that issue 1 was 50% action 50% story; while issue two was 15% action and 85% story. It really seems like all set up to a big war soon. But right now it’s about laying out the chess pieces. And it is REALLY focusing heavily on character development, possibly more so than the standard DC group titles like Justic League and Teen Titans.

      1. I gave a try to Teen Titans because of Lobdell: I loved Generation X, and I thought that this series was perfect for him, because, like the Marvel series he created, it was focused on a teen aged superhero team. I liked the issue I bought (Teen Titans # 7), but it didn’t push me to order the following issues, and I must admit that it had a lot of flaws. For example, there were too many dialogues, and a villain who was so obviously a Dr. Octopus clone. Let’s say that Lobdell is not a perfect writer anymore, but he still manages to entertain his readers. At least he didn’t finish like miss Nocenti: when I read Green Arrow # 7, it was so painful to see how deeply she sank… I hope she will become the marvellous Daredevil writer again, but I seriously doubt it.

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