New series, Talon comes flying out of the pages of Batman

We are really excited about some of DC Comics’ new books coming out soon, but the biggest excitement is around Talon, a new ongoing series about an assassin from the Court of Owls, who reeked havoc on Gotham city last month. This is a great idea because one of the best things about the recent “Night of the Owls” storyline was all of rich backstory and characters. I have to admit that, when I first heard this, I thought. “hm.. a book about an immortal ex-killing machine, with regenerative abilities and an unclear past? Sounds like a certain Marvel poster boy to me…” But Scott Snyder, who is co-plotting the book with new writer, James Tynion and drawing by Guillem March, said that this Talon would actually be a newest recruit, who is still alive and human. So, he won’t be an immortal Talon like the ones hunting him down in the book. Also, he adds, that the costume has to do with his past as an escape artist. That reminds me of how Nightwing designed his costume from his parents Flying Graysons days.

We can’t wait to see where this one goes!

3 thoughts on “New series, Talon comes flying out of the pages of Batman”

  1. I had already read that DC was trying to clone Marvel’s most successful characters: a blogger wrote that the new version of Static Shock was a Spider Man clone (I had the same impression), another one wrote the same thing about Blue Beetle (I can’t tell you if it’s true, I never picked it up), and so on. Anyway, I don’t care if a series is cloned or stereotyped, as far as I enjoy it while I’m reading it. That’s why I felt a little pain, when I knew Static Shock was about to close.

    1. I’d definitely agree about static shock! But not so much on Blue Beetle. If anything, the new Ultimate Spiderman (by Brian Bendis) is copying bluebeetle. People said the original Blue Beetle was a Spiderman clone, but I didn’t see it.. Unless having a cocky teenage superhero counts as cloning, in which case the ninja turtles copied spiderman too! Ha! What set Blue Beetle apart is the interactive war stories. And planet hopping… Although you’d think he’d cross paths with some Green Lanterns more often…

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