Pens and Paper

I understand that most folks might find this image confusing. I know in our house, paper has become quite the artifact. In fact, finding my old notebook and favorite pen took a bit of digging through desk drawers full of iPad chargers, and USB cables, and headphones tangled together like spaghetti parmesan spritzed with JumpDrives and micro SD cards. Nonetheless, there was this primal urge to “take it back a notch” this morning as I sat down to write. Feeling as though I had Thoreou or Whitman looking over my shoulder, scoffing at my penmanship or lack thereof, I jotted down what a person who was trying to explain the benefits of  pen and paper to someone living a few years from now might say. Enjoy:

Note: For those who simply cannot read my terrible unpracticed handwriting and agree with Thoreau and Whitman, here is a typed version, though as a slight warning, some of it doesn’t make the best sense unless you see it on paper. Plus you don’t get to enjoy my terrible disregard for certain letters and articles. After all, Ink knows no backspace, unless you have white-out. Fair enough? OK then. here:

“Pen and paper, an archaic form of word processing, actually has many advantages over its newer computer replacement, though “undo” doesn’t happen to be a tool. The way of changing font styles is quick and intuitive. changing font just takes learning how and a quick flick of the wrist, like so: this font is called “sloppy cursive” It is the only other font I have at my disposal currently. To make bold, simply press down. To activate caps lock requires a subtle shift in thinking, like so. Taking the font size up and down is even more intuitive, albeit, difficult to control… But I still hate not having caps lock”

PS- For reference, here is what actually good writing looks like.


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