Contender Comics takes us to No Man’s Land

New publisher, Contender Comics, has launched their first title named “No Man’s Land”. The story follows Gerrick, a cage-fighter, now turned convict for losing his temper in a club, one drunken night. After arrest, he finds himself in a prison made from an entire city! One can only assume it’s because, in this near future, either the government is punishing crime too heavily, or that crime has just gotten out of control. (I think it’s both) In any case, the story is a blast to read! It’s great to see that, though there is a ‘hero’ in the center of the story, the book really focused on this world that Christopher Twin and Dustin Twin Jr. have created. The prison-city is truly “No Man’s Land” as it is savage and violent, with unexpected characters and dangers in almost panel of the comic. Though I didn’t really have an idea of how bad this land is, until I got past the walled gate. I got an eerie sense that Gerrick did as he gives a rather expectant glance back to the cops (and the reader) just before he gets locked in.

Every page after that is loaded with people who aren’t what they seem, and death waiting to take some characters before they get the chance to tell their story. I really liked that it was made clear in the issue, that you can’t expect who will live, and who will die at a moments notice! TwentList will be keeping our eyes out for the next issue coming from Contender. You should too. It’s available at* with a free 3-page preview.

Bottom Line: Great world-building first issue. Great character introductions! Art is great on facial expressions and cityscapes, but loses perspective in some of the action scenes.

*Not intended for younger readers*

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