Action Comics #10 Review

Grant Morrison is quickly becoming one of those writers I look forward to the most. Action Comics is no exception. It is great that, with all the trouble Superman is having elsewhere, there is one flagship ‘Super’ title that is just solid month after month. This book was steeped with such great surprises! I really loved seeing that Clark isn’t too big on wearing the Kryptonian armor quite yet. Mostly, it’s great to see that he will still be sporting the “S” T-shirt a little longer, and in varying colors no less. There are also quite a few guest appearances in this issue, that made me really wish Grant would do a Justice League book.

Supes sporting a red tee in this issue. Apparently, like real people, he doesn’t like wearing the exact same thing every day. So far he has been seen in blue, white, the armor and now, red.

The art was “hit or miss” to the extreme! Some panels were just fantastic! They were full of color and movement; Others just looked flat and unfinished. For example, pay attention to cyborg in the few panels he is in. Yikes. It is not abnormal for background characters to lack the detail of the foreground, but in some scenes, members of the JL were just too close to be missing facial features. Surprisingly, I still really liked most of the art. I would still give it an “A”, just because the panels that were good, were really good!

Bottom Line: despite some sketchy art, this is one of my favorite Action Comics issues so far! Keep it up Grant!

Starting Point: This is actually a really good issue to start with. If you wanted to pick this up, having not read any of Action comics, the only thing you would need to know to fully appreciate it, is that Clark’s landlord knows that he is Superman. Other than that, this makes everything you need to know feel like a reveal, so just hop on and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Action Comics #10 Review”

    1. I would definitely recommend starting with issue 10 of Action. The “Superman” series by Dan Jurgens is really hit or miss. But Grant Morrison is doing just great here in Action Comics!

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