I don’t remember when we decided to cut the Internet off at our house. I say ‘decided’ as though it was a decision we chose for experimentation’s sake, rather than a measure exacted upon us by the paper green gods of currency and capitalism.

It is funny how cyclic our lifestyle tends to flow- a type of circle of life that’s as dizzying as a merry go round- that has objects moving from accessories to necessities to accessories again, as we progress along in our little chapter of life in South Alabama. I don’t just mean the Internet. While it wanes other things wax, and vice versa. We used to play video games together all the time. It was a necessity of winding down. Then it became an old accessory to the web, which offered us Netflix shows, and status updates aplenty. It became necessity. Now that the internet has been forced back into the pocket of “accessory we may or may not have again when we can” the video games, and card games, and sewing (for Jess) have reclaimed their places as premier hobbies in our lives. For me, writing has became more of a reality as well.
There was an article I read this week about how distraction cripples creativity; About how the brain needs boredom in order to plant the seeds of invention and nurture them to fruition. My first thoughts raced to friends of mine who are both the most connected, and yet, creative people I know; Which either means their incredible capacity for creation is only a trifle to what it would be if they were to “unplug” for a few hours. Either that or they show that the article was like most of the Internet, and this blog post: full of crap.

But it seems to be working for me.

Maybe “connectivity” and “distraction” aren’t necessarily synonymous. Maybe my friends use the connection of web access the same way I use books and blogs. They propel my mind into fertilizing the soils of imagination, not poisoning it.

Life is interesting in that you can lose connectivity in some ways, and gain connection in others. You can lose your view of world affairs, yet gain perspective of your own life.

And you can lose the ability to see six seasons of House, but gain the ability to see your friends creme you in Mario Party!

*in case you wonder how I am able to post, without the web. Thank the gentleman who has unprotected wifi just close enough that if I raise my MacBook to the heavens like its the future king of the savanna. It allows me to me to send these letters.

I guess it looks like I’m using invisible electronic carrier pigeons. I guess that’s all the web really is.

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