Brian Bendis is ‘Brilliant’!

Being three issues into Bendis’ and Bagley’s original series, Here is a review of “Brilliant” thus far:

Brilliant is about some college students who decide to take phrase, “Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s science fact” and apply it to the vastly untapped but potentially life-changing arena of super powers! As the experiments and results manifest, so does the action. This, being the first creator-owned title by Bendis that I have read, makes me curious to see what his other books, perhaps Powers or Takio, are like.

Writing – Bendis is known for being a great writer. So it goes almost without saying that this creator-owned series has great writing. It has some great dialog, but doesn’t actually feature much narration. Instead, it relies on the conversations between the characters to let the reader know what is happening. While that is an interesting way to go, the story feels slow because of it. Though the revelations are great and it builds to some intense moments. it just takes a long time to to get there.

Art – Bagley’s penciling is just fantastic! From the covers to the panels, there is a lot more going on than what is first apparent. Sometimes, to get the effect, one has to look, then read ahead a panel, then stop and look back to the previous panel. He does a great job of letting each panel lead the reader to the next.

Bottom Line – Fans of the Runaways will find the story vaguely familiar, but thoroughly enjoyable. It is well-written, and a little different, but a lot of fun to read. 

*note-not intended for younger readers, due to language*

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