Review: Superman Versus the Elite

Superman vs the Elite is the latest of DC’s animated movies. It is a “Pre-New 52” story that takes place when new heroes begin to come up, declaring the end of Superman’s era of “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”. These new heroes get quite a following when they show the world the justice you can deal out when you are willing to go “all the way”. It ends up being a story about the meaning of humanity, freedom, and power. Not just an Action movie, starring an action hero, for actions sake; the movie hits some interesting points and addresses questions like these:

  • What holds a person of limitless power under the law?
  • Should one be bound from taking a life even if it means saving more lives later?
  • How would Superman “pick a side” in a war?
  • Is the age of superheroes, in the traditional sense, over?

This movie was slammed full of action. Tons of it. Like we have said in earlier reviews, Action and Superman tend to go hand-in-hand. What really drew me in, was that they were questioning the “rightness” of Superman’s morality. That is always a cool path to go down when you are dealing with a being of nearly unlimited power like Supes, or Captain Atom, or Shazam or others.

One of the few things that bothered me a little, was the setting for the story. We have become so steeped in the “New 52” that seeing Ma and Pa Kent alive, and Lois knowing Clark’s identity shook me up. I had to think for a sec and put myself back a year in the past. It works, given that the movie is about a possibly by-gone era of super heroics, but it gave me a slight sense of vertigo. The outside underwear is back, too.

The logo from the beginning credits. Can you see how it’s different from the cover art. Look closely, it’s tough to spot.

The other thing – and this has no effect on the movie itself – that annoyed me about the movie was the opening and closing credits reel. They didn’t fit the style of the packaging and the title menu and all the promotional art in any way. It used a logo that was completely different from the the one on the cover. Actually, the most annoying thing was I liked it BETTER than the art used on the packaging. The “british-punk-retro” look was much fresher and actually went with the story better. I guess my biggest problem was with the promo art. Not the credits, after all.

Bottom Line: Go pick it up. It rocks, red tights and all.


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