Review: Legends of the Dark Knight

The great thing about DC’s digital series, Legends of the Dark Knight, is that you can read it in any order. They are one-shot stories featuring various artists and writers about Batman’s Gotham city exploits. To test this, I downloaded the latest issue, not looking at any of the previous issues at all. Here is what I thought:

This particular story is by Tom Taylor. Batman and Robin confront a man in the middle of the night, having already solved a crime the man hadn’t even committed yet. Believing that “Prevention is better than a cure” they tell the man why he shouldn’t was he is planning on doing.

It’s a really cool direction. Quite the inspiring short story. The only thing I didn’t really like was that, even though it was technically a complete story, I found myself wanting to hear more about this guy. It seems a shame not to follow up. He could become a new hero based on Batman’s example of stopping him and giving him a second chance. He could have decided to try harder not to get caught. Something! But he will most likely never be heard of again, due to the nature of these stories. Oh well.

Fun ride, nonetheless.

Bottom Line: Read any of these you want, they are short one-offs. This one was worth a buck. Which is what it costs.

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