Review: Minutemen #1

TwentyList doesn’t usually do mini-series. For that matter, I don’t usually even buy mini-series’, until they come out in trade. But “Before Watchmen: Minutemen” drew me in. Watchmen was my gateway drug. The first comic I ever bought down at the our local shop, Empire Comics, was the trade paperback Watchmen. I wasn’t even a true fan. I just picked it up because of the movie. It was awesome! All of that made me unable to turn this down. So, read on, friends, the first and likely only mini-series review:

Minutemen #1

Let’s start with the cover: It has a great high-gloss texture that makes it feel high-quality and worth the $3.99 issue. The colors just screams of late 1940s noir! What made the cover confusing however, was the “Mature” rating. Maybe it will need it later, but the first issue didn’t really scream of gore or sex or profanity to the M degree.

This issue actually pulls off what very few “Super-Team” comics are able to do. Even the new Justice League didn’t pull it off. And that is introduce EVERY SINGLE character in the team in way that let’s you really get into each character. Usually, the safe way to do this is to –like Justice League– introduce a couple characters each issue until you have the whole team. Minutemen doesn’t have 10 issues to do that, so they went for the gutsy move of given you bits of everybody at once… and it worked! Every origin made sense. I even found myself thinking, “Hm… I actually kinda like Dollar Bill.” I definitely didn’t expect that. There is such a great variety of personalities on in here that the stories you could write had to make the creative team a little crazy. Let’s hope they keep it together long enough to make the rest of this series as good as this first issue!

The Minutemen: (left to right): Silhouette, Mothman, Dollar Bill, Nite Owl, Captain Metropolis, The Comedian, Silk Spectre, Hooded Justice.

Bottom Line: I highly recommend it. Especially for fans of Watchmen, Batman, Noir Comics, and Anti-hero themed books.

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