Review: Captain Atom #10

It looks like JT Krul is setting up to finish Captain Atom’s ongoing series. And he is pulling out all the stops doing it! Right now, Atom is fighting for his life against a universe devouring energy from the future! When Atom finds out its actually himself, he must go into the past and stop himself from ever becoming this thing that annihilates the universe.
This is going to sound like a huge claim but this issue has caused two realizations for me:

1. This is J.T. Krul’s best writing since the “Fall of Green Arrow” story! (which is one of my favorites.) Seriously, I don’t know why he didn’t put this much passion into his new 52 Green Arrow run. Arrow deserved it.

2. This is the most thoroughly rich Captain Atom story I can imagine! I don’t know where else you could possibly go? He is such a powerful character that it has to be tough to find a challenge for him. Yet, it has been handled so well here!

Plus, what makes this last arc so good is that it’s just so deep and introspective. I don’t know if there is another DC title out there dealing with as much philosophy and morality than this comic. If Alan Moore said that the only difference between a hero and villain is one bad day, Krul seems to think that for demigods, one good day can make this same difference.

The only downside –and it’s almost enough to bring it all down– is the art. I know it’s “artistic” but it just feels sloppy. There is so much chaos to look at already that it all just looks like a mess. I really wish it was better, because the story is so good.

Bottom Line: if you have been read Captain Atom, you are in for a real treat this issue! If you haven’t, pick up the trade because this won’t make any sense as he pulls a lot from earlier issues into this one. Or just read our starting point if you don’t have the funds.

Starting point: If you havent read any Captain Atom but would really like to read this issue here is what you need to know:

A long time ago, Captain Adams signed up to be in an experiment to send a man to another dimension. It failed. Instead of killing the Captain, however, it changed him. He became pure energy, capable of affecting the matter and energy around him in strange ways. While trying to get more from life than just beating up the bad guys, he uses his powers to save a little who is dying of cancer. This finally renews his passion! Which is perfect timing because now he needs it as both he and strange evolved versions of himself from the future must stop an insatiable energy from the end of time called “Chrono Mota” from absorbing all existence into itself. By the way, that insatiable energy from the future is Captain Atom! Or at least his final evolution. So how is this team of “Atoms from the present and future” supposed to stop this ultimate version of himself? Find out in issue 10.


One thought on “Review: Captain Atom #10”

  1. Hi, Great review! Though I’m not a huge Captain Atom fan, I though I would give your review a lookie-doo! If you wouldn’t mind checking out my page and letting me know what you think, that would be awesome! I’m a comic reviewer myself!

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