Marvel Comics Goes Pink for Cancer Awareness

Coming this fall, Marvel is launching some very pink variant covers as part of their new relationship with the Komen for a Cure Foundation! The variants will feature a one page editorial about what Komen does, and how we can all help prevent the growing number of deaths associate with breast cancer. Does it sound a little like publicity so marvel can sell more expensive variants? Possibly. Does Marvel hope this will result in a more positive view of their brand? Probably. But nonetheless, TwentyList loves to hear anything about a publisher using their might to help others. So, we’re on board! Besides Komen Foundation is apparently really excited. They said,

“Komen is thrilled to partner with Marvel Entertainment in the fight against breast cancer this October,” said Dorothy Jones, VP, Marketing at Komen. “This partnership will allow us to share critical information with this important audience, empowering them to take positive action for their breast health and for the women they love.”

If you would like to get your hands on these pretty pink comics, these are the issues to look for. Be sure to ask your local shop to get the “Komen for a Cure” variant when you add it to your list for the month.

  • AVENGERS #31
  • WOLVERINE #315

Here are a couple of these cool covers just to tease you for the next 3 months:


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