Review: Nightwing #10

If you would like to jump into to this series, starting with this title, Then please read the starting point to help you out, at the end of this review*

Review: Coming out of the big bat crossover event called, “Night of the Owls”, Kyle Higgins hits the ground running in his series, NIghtwing, with this issue. The book is full of great action scenes, and drama. It has dark moments and moments of hope. The art is so creative and well-done. And it compliments the story really well. Truly, Nightwing is coming out of the shadow of Batman a little more with each issue, and become a true hero in his own right.

Bottom Line: Perfect score. Loved it. Go pick it up. Here is a preview:

*Starting Point: Nightwing has just finished his bout alongside the rest of the Bat-family to stop the Court of Owls from taking Gotham city. Nightwing knows that he has been groomed from birth to work for the Court of Owls as one their assassins: An undead killer called a Talon. His own great-grandfather is one of them. And many of the best acrobats and knife-throwers and escape-artists who have grown up in Haly’s circus were being secretly trained to be the killers of the court. Now, we have Nightwing on his own again, stepping out from under Batman’s shadow to make his own way, and how is he doing that? By giving Gotham hope. And by making Haly’s circus the light of that hope.


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