Review: Batman Incorporated 2

This second issue of Batman Incorporated is mostly a book about Talia Al Ghul. Batman comes into play about halfway through, but only as a supporting character to this main story. It’s Talia’s story of how she came into this world, what her relationship with her dad is like, how Batman and her fell in and out of love, and what her motivation is for what she is doing now.

Finally, some understanding:

In the review of issue one, I mentioned that it was a friendly book to new readers of Batman Incorporated. Even though it is Grant Morrison’s (writer) usual M.O. to be pretty enigmatic, this book was pretty illuminating. There is some explanation about not only this series, but as background for the Batman and Robin books as well.

The Art Department:

The panels in this issue were on fire! That’s a good thing. It may be a little too cartoon-y for some readers, and if realism is your thing you might not like it. But the faces and body language is all so expressive! Also, take note of how stylistically he chooses NOT to draw some panels. There is one fight in particular where you see the fight about to happen. Then in the next panel it’s over. That kind of thing happens a lot. Artwise this is really well thought out. Even though cover is great. When I first saw the cover I didn’t like it. It looked like some random artist’s cover that would have nothing to do with the story. those are the worst kinds of covers. But after reading the book, It all makes perfect sense. Again, well-done.

Bottom Line: Great, High-quality book. feels more like an issue 1, than issue 1.

This book doesn’t need a Starting Point. So, TwentyList isn’ t featuring one with this review. Everything is pretty friendly to new readers. Even Ra’s Al Ghul and the Lazarus Pit gets some explanation. Just pick up and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Review: Batman Incorporated 2”

    1. Ha! you’re right. I still think it’s a little unbelievable, but nonetheless Damian is supposed to be 10 years old so the look is accurate. I don’t think I buy that a ten year could be the talented assassin that Robin is, but this is the same world that cohabits an invulnerable alien, an Amazon princess, and a space cop with a power ring, so I guess anythings possible. LOL!

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