Review: Justice League 10

The Villians Journey part 2:

In this issue, Geoff Johns is giving us a lot more about his new villain, Graves. We get more info about what his strengths are, and what his motivation is. It is getting really good! I understand that they needed to start the Justice League books in the New 52 with a how “How they got together story” but this arc is so much better. It feels a little more grown up that the first story-arc and has a much darker tone.

It’s a Hero’s Journey Too:

It isn’t all about the villain in this issue though. We get some really interesting insights into each of these characters that we didn’t know. Not to spoil anything, but read carefully. The things that the league is finding out about it’s member could be hinting at other stories down the road.

The Real Star:

I love getting to say this. I think that Aquaman stole the show in this issue. There is a scene with just him that feels totally like his stand-alone book. I can’t get enough of this fish! Keep up the good work, Geoff and Jim. You’re turning me into quite the Aqua-fan!

The Art Department:

My favorite thing about the art in this issue was the cover: How it actually went with the inside of the book, but taken up a notch. You can tell that Jim Lee is loving the new villain. All of the depictions of Graves are really great! Aqua-man gets some artist’s love too. The rest of the art is just on par. Good. Not great.

Bottom Line: Fantastic book! Always highly recommended.


Starting Point:

If you would like to start reading Justice League, starting with this issue, here is what you need to know going in:

The Justice League has been together a while now. A man named Mr. Graves has been obsessed with them. He even wrote a best-selling book titled, “Gods Among Us”. When he discovers that he is going to die, and his favorite heroes aren’t going to save him, he decides to end them. And show the world that his book was wrong. They aren’t the gods that they’d like us to think they are.

The characters are pretty well known DC staples: Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Superman, and Cyborg. The only addition character most people aren’t familiar with is Steve Trevor. He is the military man who the government’s liaison to the Justice League. And a good friend too.


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