Amazing Spiderman #688 Review

Great Start to a Great Story:

This is the start of a great story-line. We have two of the best “villains” in Spiderman’s history. Both playing front and center stage in part 1 of this story-line called, “No Turning Back”. First, the Lizard is back! and more evil than ever. There are are some great qualities about the lizard as a villain for spidey. As you see early on in this issue, he isn’t the usual mastermind like Doctor Octopus or Norman Osborn. he is just brute evil, that hates humanity because it is inferior. The second great “villain”, and this is in quotes for a reason, is Morbius, the living vampire. Now, THAT is a guy who needs to be in a Spiderman flick! Wait, I shouldn’t say that to loudly, or the producers might here, and stick him in the next film last minute with Venom and Sandman, and Green Goblin, and whoever else they can squeeze in. Anyway, Morbius is actually trying to do what is right, in his own twisted way. It’s easy to feel his side of the story. Because of his vampiric condition, he HAS to believe that salvation is possible for the lizard: That he can be a man again. That, as he says, “There are no real monsters. just men with afflictions that need a cure.”

Awesome Action:

The scenes with Spiderman going toe-to-toe with the lizard are better than any of the fights he had with the Sinister Six in the last few issues! This may sound crazy but I enjoyed this battle in the sewer even better than when Spiderman fought the Avengers a couple issues ago! It’s just raw. Lizard just want to eat. Spiderman just wants to save him.

Bottom Line: This is the best spiderman issue in a long time! I hope it stays this quality all the way through the arc. This is definitely a great time to be a Spidey fan!

Starting Point:

If you’d like to start reading the Amazing Spiderman, starting with this issue, here are the facts you need to know:

Spiderman just finished taking on the Avengers, the Doctor Octopus, and basically the entire planet, in an event where Doc. Ock had promised the world salvation from global warming (insanely, most everyone bought in) and instead planned to nuke the planet with solar radiation. Spiderman was the leader of a small rebel band that was trying to stop him. Spiderman saved many people. He lived up to his new mantra. “When I’m around, no one dies.”

His knew resolution not to let anyone die fails at the end, as his longtime friend Silver Sable dies fighting to stop Octavious. Now, both he and Horizon labs are the heroes. The world loves them! But Pete feels failure. And to top it off, in the first page he is trapped in a sewer with someone else he failed to save long ago. Doctor Connors. Now solely known as the Lizard.


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