Ame-Comi Batgirl Review

Batgirl is the best Ame Comi book so far! Wonder Woman introduced the Ame Comi universe to us, but batgirl really established most of the characters really well. It feels like a classic “buddy book”. Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) and Carrie Kelley (Robin) are best friends who seem to hang out constantly. They also share a night-life of crime fighting, right under the nose of Barbara’s dad, Commissioner Gordon.

The Manga-Style Art:

This book has much more Japanese influence than it’s predecessor, Wonder Woman. It actually plays out really well for action scenes. and is wonderfully, comically expressive. I am not usually a Manga fan, but I think this is just different enough… just fresh enough to come across as really cool. As one other reviewer put it, “It’s not just DC, the manga-version. but a Japanese-influenced DCU”

The characters:

The best thing about this book, compared to the Wonder Woman book was how many characters made an appearance, and how well they were portrayed. Here are the characters and a brief bio of each:

Batgirl: Babs Gordon plays lead role. she is a younger, more impulsive, freer version of the “all grown-up and doesn’t have fun anymore” version in the main DCu

Robin: such a cool character! this is the girl Robin originally created by Frank Millar. She is a loyal friend to Batgirl, and a little more responsible. But only a little.

Harley Quinn: CRAZY. That is all you need to know. She is schizophrenic, Psychotic, obsessed with jokes and death. she thinks her hat is alive and talks to it. Yeah, basically. CRAZY

Poison Ivy: Another villain. She is obsessed with messing with young love. she tries to be a little more seductive than the rest of the villains. But it doesn’t really work in an all-female cast.

Cat-Woman: She hasn’t actually differed from the main DCU that much. SHe is a bit younger acting, as everyone is. She is still a kleptomaniac. She still uses a whip. and she is constantly annoyed be Quinn

Duela Dent: This character confused me. She is an amalgamation of a few characters, and yet is entirely original to Ame Comi. She has Heath Leger’s Make-up. SHe has a name that suggests Two-Face. But her style is entirely steam-punk. She is a natural leader, and a gifted planner. She is the most grown acting character other than Commissioner Gordon

Duela Dent: TwoFace meets Joker meets Steam-punk.

Bottom Line: Download it if you ar in the mood for something different. and fun. It’s got good dialogue. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it is one book that we wish was longer the 3 issues!


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