Aquaman #10 Review


The Others Part 4:

The story of “The Others” goes into its fourth chapter this week, and the action isn’t letting up anytime soon! Arthur (Aquaman) used to be part of this other league, before the Justice League. They were all given powerful golden relics to protect and use. Black Manta is after them. One of these “Others” gets some action in this issue that we haven’t really seen yet. His code name is “The Operative”. Yet another new character brought into the growing Aquaman universe, the operative is an old hero from a bygone era, who uses gadgets. That is about all I can tell from him so far. There wasn’t a whole lot about him, yet. Interestingly, the golden relic that he protects is a sort of golden skeleton key, that opens anything. Interesting idea. So far all these relics have some type of ability. I wonder what Aquaman’s Trident is supposed to do? We haven’t really seen, yet.


Black Manta:

One thing we are really getting from this is that, not only is Geoff Johns (writer) out to make Aquaman cool in this series, but Black Manta too. And it’s working! Black Manta is such a great villain! I especially love that its not a “Because I want to take over the world” story. It’s a “Because I hate and want to kill you” story. Black Manta seems so bent on destroying Aquaman, and in this issue we finally get to see why. Yes, Manta’s origin story is in this issue! And an all-out Aquaman versus Black Mantra fight scene too! Could you ask for more?!

The Art Department:

Everything looks great as usual. There is even this two-page spread of Aquaman throwing a punch at Black Manta that is so cool looking, that I wish they’d make a poster! Everything looks like it took time and care to produce. and the cover is great too! The only thing on the downside of the book, from the art standpoint, is the panels. They are standard grid panels. They don’t move. They don’t let the characters break out. It’s just a bunch of rectangles. It’s not a big deal, because the art in the panels is so top-notch, but even the action scene, which are supposed to move, are just whiter rectangles down the page.

Bottom Line: Still going strong. Highly recommended.

Starting Point: If you would like to read Aquaman, starting with issue 10, here is a starting point to catch you up:

Aquaman used to be part of this other league, before the Justice League. They were all given powerful golden relics to protect and use. For example, Aquaman’s relic is his trident. Black Manta is after them. He has killed a member already and taken her relic, and now is after the others. Mera (Aquaman’s wife) and Doctor Shin (an old enemy, who is obsessed with finding Atlantis) are helping out, and trying to figure out what Aquaman’s past with this “other league” is all about. They just know what we know; and that’s not much. Enjoy!


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