The Flash #10 Review

The latest book in the Flash series introduces us to another villain from the Flash’s past. Unlike Gorilla Grodd, The Flash already seems to have some history with the “Weather Wizard”. He ends having a pretty cool back story, but at the end I felt this was a little bit of a let down. Mostly, because we just saw Gorilla City and Grodd in the last issue. That was such a big, historically rich back story that Weather Wizard’s just felt a little small.

Good isn’t good enough for The Flash.

Besides the villain’s story, the overall story just wasn’t that great. The very end was redeeming because it tied to potentially big setup for the Rogues. But we have come to expect a lot from the Flash books. They have been one of the most consistently great books every month since it launched. And this one is good just not great.

The Art Department:
As far as art goes this has been, without question, the top book to look at. But again the art in issue 10 is good. And if it was the first issue we had seen, we might call it great. But standing in the legacy of art like The flash #2 and #9. This feels a little “phoned in”. There are a couple of really great panels! And a great cover too! But it isn’t as consistently great through the book as we have come to expect from the Flash nowadays.

Bottom Line: If you been reading The Flash all year, you might find it a little lackluster. It’s still good nonetheless. And a great jumping on book, actually!

Starting Point: This book is recommended as a great starting point for its series. There is no catch-up reading required. It does a great job of filling the reader in on important plot points. So pick up and enjoy!


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