3 Reasons Amazing Spiderman will be amazing!

It’s almost here! The Amazing Spiderman has me excited for several reasons. As I posted a while back, the first look at the 4-minute preview gave me a few things to like about the direction. As we get ready for the release, here are a few more to hold you over:

1. Live Stunt Actors – As we saw in this police chase scene, the new movie beautifully blends CGI animation with (gasp!) real actors doing a lot of the action! See if you can spot what’s real and what’s not here:

2. Spiderman’s attitude: If there was one thing that drew every one of us introverted misfits to Spiderman as teenagers, it was that once the mask was on he could now say what he wanted with his wit, and not worry about getting his face punched. Here is what I mean:

3. Gwen Stacy: We all know that Gwen will eventually die. If not in this movie, then somewhere in the future. Thus Peter Parker will move on to Mary Jane Watson. But Gwen is my favorite girl for Pete. She is as cool as MJ, but is also smart and quick-witted enough to keep up with Peter’s brain. Now if only she became the Black Cat in this movie… Maybe next time.

Well guys, we will see you back here on TwentList for a full review, once we see the movie. Can’t wait!! See you then!

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