Amazing Spiderman Movie Review

This week, we saw the relaunch of the Spiderman trilogy with the Amazing Spiderman. TwentyList loves Spiderman in the comics! So, what did we think of the movie?

Andrew Garfield = A Great Spidey

Andrew Garfield’s performance as the sarcastic, awkward, misfit Peter Parker is just great to watch! His awkward manner in emotionally high scenes reminded me of just how weird it was to be teenage, full of hormones, and not know how to act with them. Behind the mask, he let’s Spiderman really cut loose and release all that built-up angst in the form of sarcastic retorts and reckless web slinging. He was a much more convincing Spiderman than that other guy.

Gwen, the Right Girl for Pete

Emma Stone also nails Gwen Stacy’s character! As for making her Peter’s first love in this version, It’s much better than using Mary Jane. People may be more familiar with Mary Jane, but Gwen is a perfect match for Peter. This movie really shows why! She is just as smart as Pete; and she can keep up with him in the sarcasm department as well. The chemistry between these characters makes the old “Then Spiderman saves a gorgeous and not-so-smart redhead” storyline seem really shallow in hindsight.

Less CGI. More Action.

Most of the action scenes in the Amazing Spiderman are performed by stunt men, and the actors. This has become almost nonexistent in the latest round of Superhero flicks. It was a great move though. The “realness” of Peter swinging in the warehouse scene, and the way he moves really sells the believability of a story that needs a lot of help in the believability department. The most noticeable CGI was used on Spiderman’s enemy, The Lizard. That was forgivable, even if it was pretty obvious. The CGI  is still top-notch, when it is used.

Guest Starring Killer Croc!

One thing I didn’t like about the lizard, was the design. Though I loved him as a villain, he was very foreign to his look in the comics. They took away the lizard’s snout and gave a more human face. It looks a lot like Killer Croc from the Batman comics. I understand why. This iteration of the Lizard is able to speak (like the current Dan Slott comics). It would be strange to see a long gator like beak enunciating words without having lips. It IS understandable. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Unless it is part of a secretly planned DC/Marvel crossover movie, with the lizard/killer croc being the catalysts of that crossover. I doubt it.


The Comics Lizard
The Comics Lizard
The Movie Lizard
Killer Croc

Did it stick to the comics?

This is one question that crosses every comic book fans mind. No matter how much you try to reason that it doesn’t matter. It does somewhat. I think of it as being completely separate universe from the comics. Besides comics don’t even stick to comic continuity very well, so why do we expect the movie to follow the comic’s continuity to the letter? Either way, Spiderman sticks to the comic pretty well. I know that statement will infuriate spiderman’s “true believers” everywhere, but this is what I mean. Is the “spider bite” scene accurate? No. In fact, I had to take a slow breath when I saw him get bit on the neck and not the back of his hand. Did the mugging happen that way? Was Connors the first villain? Was Peter a Skater? No. No. And no. But unlike the previous movies, they got his first love right. It was Gwen, not MJ. They gave him mechanical web shooters. Most of all though, they captured the “feel” of a spiderman comic. The web slinging was high energy. The amount of death that Peters deals with especially feels like the current Dan Slott (writer) storyline. In fact the very last issue of Amazing Spiderman has Peter lamenting the amount of casualties that follow in his wake. In that regard, which is the most important regard, it caught the mood and feel of “The Amazing Spiderman” very well!

Bottom Line: Much improved on the original trilogy. Is it too soon for a reboot? Who cares? It’s great. Go check it out.

Then pick up the Amazing Spiderman issue #688 and get more Spidey vs Lizard action!


4 thoughts on “Amazing Spiderman Movie Review”

  1. I just saw The Amazing Spiderman with my sons this afternoon. I agree – Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are perfectly cast for their roles and the whole teenage experience is painfully believable. I’m not a comic book reader so I can’t vouch for the authenticity in the details, but your review of the acting, action, and cinematography is right on target. I personally liked Martin Sheen and Sally Field as Uncle Ben and Aunt May. My boys enjoyed the the fact that someone with the last name Webb directed a movie about a spider superhero. Great review!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Steph! Martin Sheen and Sally Field were great as well! And your boys are really observant! Let’s hope Amazing Spiderman 2 happens one day and is just as good!

  3. The Lizard design is actually incredibly faithful to his comic counterpart. (perhasp a bit too much) Just not the post 90’s Lizard, it’s instead based heavily on the original Steve Ditko design

    1. Ah. You are right on, man! Steve’s version was a little before my time, but it is spot on. Can’t wait for the next flick!

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