Action Comics #11 Review

Action Comics doesn’t waste anytime getting down to business. Two great action -filled scenes hit back to back: One featuring Superman, and the other featuring his NEW alter-ego, Johnny Clark. Why Superman decided to put on a new secret identity after “killing” Clark Kent is a little unclear, even to him. But hopefully that will be revealed soon. Leave it up to the writer, Grant Morrison to leave us with questions after questions. And we love him for it!

Superman’s New Persona

We won’t reveal too much about who Clark …err Johnny is. But let’s just say that it actually makes more sense than moonlighting as a reporter. It would be great if they were to camp on this for a while and let this part of Superman’s life play out. But Lois and Jimmy and many loyal Superman fans out there Clark back. So expect it to be a fun, yet short-lived, tale in Superman journey through Action Comics.

It’s Batman and Superman! Almost..

In this one great panel, Superman flies down a building with the Dark Knight to stop a crime, after having a serious talk. It was so close to being a great team-up action sequence. But sadly, we didn’t get to see it. The next page was a little girl feeding her pet hamsters. Not kidding. Needless to say, it was the most briefly disappointing moment ever experienced while turning the page of a comic book. If that team-up sequence did happen, this would had been the most awesomely action-y Action Comics issue ever!! It just wasn’t meant to be. The only rational explanation is that it would have been one heck of a rabbit trail, that if followed, would have detracted from the important story at hand. But what a rabbit trail it could have been!

Pick Your Artist

This issue saw the work of three artists in it’s pages! Most of the book is drawn by Rags Morales and Rick Bryant. Who, as usual, nailed it! We never get tired of the clean, high-quality work that they do every issue. Other pages were drawn by Brad Walker. It was a fresh change. He has a sketchier style than Rags, but it still looks really high in quality. It looks similar to the Flash in that way. Hopefully, we get to see more of his stuff. Action Comics is getting known for using guest artists on certain pages often, so perhaps more Brad Walker is on the way!

Bottom Line: Great issue! Well crafted story. Great cameo appearances by artists and characters. This seems to be Action Comics vein lately, and we dig it!

Starting Point: If you’d like to start reading Action Comics, starting with issue #11 here is what you need to know:

Upon deciding that Clark Kent was getting in the way of what Superman can do for the world, Superman fakes Clark’s death in a fire! Everyone is deeply saddened at the Daily Planet. And Superman is shaken up too. In order to cope, he dons a new secret identity. It’s one with less attachments and more potential for good in the world. Find out who that persona is and his day job is in this issue of Action Comics!

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