Earth 2 Issue #3 Review


As we take a look at issue 3 of what has become TwentyList’s most anticipated book each month, let’s get the obvious point out of the way first:

The cover rocks!

Ok, now we can move on. In issue 3, we finally see the origin of Green Lantern. And it’s just in time because an ancient, restless evil is going to wake up by the end of the issue. (no spoilers. But let’s just say we’ve been waiting for this guy ever since the launch!) We also get more insight into Hawkgirl and The Flash, as Earth 2’s new heroes begin to meet, for the first time.

Improvements to Hawkgirl:

In our review of issue 2, we were not impressed with Hawkgirl. At first glance, she seems “phoned in”, especially given how thoughtfully executed the Flash and Green Lantern and even Mr. Terrific have been. This time around we learned more. As it turns out, she is going be an important asset to the team. She seems to have experience in combat. She is fearless. And she seems to have prophetic visions. All of this adds to her character. Now we are on board!

Where is Mr. T?

It’s understood that in a team-up book like this, you can’t give every character the spotlight in one issue. But Mr. Terrific was nonexistent. We had just gotten really excited about him in the last issue. And now he just get ignored completely. First his own book gets cancelled. Then he is thrown into another book… In another universe! And now he is getting left out of issue 3. Poor Michael Holt can’t catch a break.

Not just Green Lantern. THE Green Lantern.

The origin of The Green Lantern is, by far, the coolest part of this issue! Just in case there is some confusion, This makes it clear that He isn’t just “a” Green Lantern. He isn’t a space cop, working for immortal, unemotional versions of the seven dwarves. He is the channel of the Green Energy that protects life on earth. He is conduit for that Green Power. Much like a lamp is to light; He is to the Green Light. That’s why he is THE Green Lantern. Of course, we couldn’t help but give the slightest eye-roll at the idea that this war on earth 2 is literally “Life vs Death” and “Green vs Grey”. DC seems to be all about getting the colors of the rainbow to fight each other. It hasn’t stopped since the Sinestro Corps war in the pages of Green Lantern ages ago. And in the New 52, it passed on the Swamp Thing. We can’t help but love it though. It looks like “Color vs Color” will be a theme on Earth 2 as well.

Bottom Line: We are loving this book! Great characters. Huge plot. Fantastic art. Pick it up soon!

Starting Point: if you’d like to read Earth 2, starting with this issue, here is your starting point:

Earth (not the one in all the other DC comics) has just suffered a massive world war against the armies of Apokolips! We won. but not at the expense of our greatest heroes. Superman,Wonder Woman, and Batman all sacrificed their lives ending the war. Now the earth is about to need new heroes;
First the Roman god, Mercury bestowed the young Jar Garrick with his speed. Now, business man, Alan Scott has just lived through a catastrophic train crash that killed his fiancé. And he is about to be chosen be a protector of all life as a tribute to his dead lover. Back to Jay Garrick, (aka the Flash) he just went for a “test run” of new abilities and bumped into a girl wearing armor… And wings.


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