the October Girl #1 Review

This creator-owned comic from MonkeyBrain was written and drawn by Matthew Dow Smith. This is the first we have heard of him writing. He is primarily known for his drawing style, which has been seen in the pages of Hellboy, Starman, and Witchblade. The art in this first issue definitely screams of Matthew Smith. We mean that in a good way! But how did it stack up as a total package?

The story is about a girl with a mundane life. She recalls life being more exciting when she was younger, and hadn’t yet had her imagination squeezed out of her by growing up. She works at a coffee shop to help her mom make rent, while trying to make it in school. The something remarkable happens.

Great Writing!

Matthew Smith has yet to really prove himself as a writer. But we are SO GLAD that MonkerBrain (publisher) gave him the chance to show his stuff! The $.99 issue only had 13 pages, but that was all it took for us to fall completely for the main character. This girl, named Autumn, is written with such care. The way she thinks and acts is so descriptive of her personality. She is a shy, quiet, thoughtful girl who cares possibly too much for those in her life. She is also very bored with this world. She finds it as dull as the black-and-blue panels show.

an Expected Unexpected Ending

Comics have surprise endings. You can almost guarantee that on that last panel, the creative team will go-for-broke to wow you back next month. Sometimes I try to guess what turn the last will take. In this issue, I had already guessed it 3 pages in. The great thing about it is, though it was what I expected, it was what I wanted! That hasn’t happened before. When the idea occurred to me, I thought, “That would be a great story.” then it happened! Needless to say, I will definitely be back next issue!

The ONLY downfall

This is one of the best issue I’ve read in a while, The only thing that fell short, has nothing to do with the book itself, but more to do with it’s consumption: It was clearly written to be a print issue. But it’s only available digitally! When using the smart panels, (how I normally read digital comics) it would cut out bits of the panels. not important parts, but enough to make me annoyed. I really hope it comes out in print soon, because it’s sad to read such a beautiful book, and not get to really experience it to it’s fullest.

Bottom Line: I don’t usually go back for a second issue of indie comics. Even ones that I like. But this one has won me over. A+ Matt! Great start to a great story!

Here are three pages to give you the idea of what this book is like:


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