Tomorrow’s Comics!

Well, it’s Tuesday. That means many of us are just getting through the day, waiting to see what is in store when all our favorite characters hit the shelves tomorrow! Just to hold you over, here are some of tomorrow’s release we are looking forward to most!

Batman #11

As you’ll see from these first three entries, It’s a Bat-week. In Batman issue 11, we (hopefully) find out the truth about Lincoln March. Is he really Batman’s long lost brother? DC is calling this issue the “Stunning conclusion to the court of owls” but I don’t think the owl-mythos will be completely gone after this issue. We shall see!

Batman and Robin #11

In the last issue, Damian swore to defeat all the other Robins. He showed up Tim pretty well. Now, we can’t wait to see where he goes next! Yes, Damian is a little snot. But at least we are getting to see our favorite Robins get a few swings in!

Batgirl #11

In this issue, an new villain comes after Batgirl! (gasp!) This seems to be the formula for this book. We aren’t actually looking forward to it all that much, but we are sticking in there just because we want to see her reunion with the Joker in a couple months. That should be… interesting.

Swamp Thing #11

It looks like we get two Scott Snyder books in one week. Oh happy day! Swamp Thing is not a book you want to miss… ever! It was unexpectedly one of our favorite books in the DC relaunch. In this issue expect to get some explanation of how Arcane fits into the mythos of “The Rot” and of course the begin answer to what happened last issue: Is Swamp Thing dead? Our guess is no.

Minute Men #2

It seems like issue one just came out, considering how much we’ve been talking about it. Noir-style comics are an easy win for us. But this book is especially good! Even if it is a Mini-series and we swore never to buy minis…


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