One Evil Month!

I was looking over the last issues of everything, and came to an interesting conclusion: This has been a great month for VILLAINS! It seems like every issue that DC put out over the last month has focused on an introduction or battle of a great baddie. Here are some of the archenemies that dealt some deadly blows this past month:

SPOILER-ALERT: This article contains spoilers for the issues of Justice League #11, Earth 2 #3, Batman #10-11, and Spiderman #689. DO NOT read this until you’ve had time to read these issues.



This brand new villain final flexed his muscles in the last issue of Justice League. Single-handedly wiping them all out in a couple minutes, he stands to be one of the worst villains (in a good way) to come into existence in a long time!


Black Manta

Unlike Graves, writer Geoff Johns brought this guy back from past pages, back into the forefront, making him as bad as ever. He had one of the best fight sequences against Arthur in the pages of Aquaman. In the last issue, We also saw why he hates Aquaman so much. This is probably my favorite issue of Aquaman yet, and it’s all Black Manta’s fault!


Solomon Grundy

“Grundy, Grundy, Born on Monday!!!” Well, we might not expect him to do any of that kind of rambling any time soon, But it is exciting to have him back! He hasn’t gotten any punches in yet, but we do expect him to face off against The Green Lantern soon. Having him set as the avatar of “The Grey”, which is the force of death and decay on Earth 2, He will face Earth 2’s avatar of “The Green”, which is Earth 2 force of life. It’s going to be epic! We do wish he would still talk in third person though.



Anton Arcane

An old foe of Swamp Thing made his return to comics as well! But this Anton Arcane has undergone some major changes. He is now the undead king of the Rot, the force of death and decay that is the yin to Swamp Thing and the Green’s yang. I love the way Scott Snyder has written all these changes to the Swamp Thing mythos. It’s not like old history was abandoned and forgotten. More like this was what has been there all along and no one knew. Great writer. Great Villain. Awesome showdown in the last issue.


Thomas Wayne Jr. or is it Lincoln March?

Speaking of Scott Snyder, In his Batman series we finally get to see the man behind the court of owl’s latest happenings. And it was Bruce’s brother! At least, that is who he says he is. Batman doesn’t believe it. That doesn’t make the face off between these two any less epic! It kind of reminds me of Batman vs Owlman a long time ago. This is a different story entirely, but seeing a Wayne behind an owl-mask with a sidekick named Talon should sound faintly familiar to fans of the “crisis” stuff. Anyway, another truly amazing fight between these two. I actually think the fight took the entire issue this month!


The Lizard

I know this one isn’t from DC, but it was still an awesome battle between Spiderman and the lizard. The story is so personal, and sick, and twisted, and it all makes the lizard seem that much more evil! The lizard has destroyed his alter ego Curt Connors completely! Spidey and Morbius try to prove that statement wrong and change him back. But what is left isn’t Curt Connors. Apparently he is gone, because now it’s the Lizard trapped in Curt’s body! Awesome fight in the sewer between the Lizard, Morbius, and Spiderman definitely earned the last issue a place on this list.


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