Nothing Plus Nothing

Quick Update: I’m in the early-middle area of an article that is difficult yet exciting to write at the same time. I’ve decided to take a brief respite though and post a quick thought/update:

How often do we dramatize our lives beyond what reality is?

Have you ever been trying to tell someone how insanely busy you are, only to find yourself at the end of a conjunction with nothing left to say?

Example: “It’s crazy, man! Today I have to wash my car and pay bills and go to work and.


and what?

Do you want there to be something else on the end of that list?

Secretly, masochistically, yes.

Some folks have gotten smart and filled their impressive verbal to-do-list chamber with smaller bullets to make it seem even more hopeless. Like so:

“It’s crazy, man! Today alone I have to wash the exterior of my car and wax the tires and dry it off and put the cleaning stuff away and get out my checkbook go to various locations and pay utilities and mortgage and insurance and then I have to drive to work and punch in and take care of customers and file reports and.

Sometimes we still have a leftover ‘and’.

Maybe a lot of stuff to do makes us feel important? or is that we still feel like we can replace our lack of quality tasks, tasks that mean something, with a quantity of tasks that mean almost nothing… at least to us. If that is the truth then remember (Chris, I’m writing to you too) that nothing plus nothing times nothing still equals



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