Friday Fives! Posts About Courage and Labels

Taking a queue from my old blog, I’m bringing back Friday Fives! It’s just a small smattering of my favorite blogs and such from the past week. Let’s do this!

1. I learned something new this week. It is OKAY to promote yourself! Wow! Here is the courageously written post from Chad Rallen that explains why.

2. And speaking of courage. This post from Cole Crook is saturated in it! He talks to us religious folks about the dangers of the labels we tend you use rather carelessly. A must read!

3. Speaking of labels, I discovered the “Labels Lie” campaign this week. Awesome art, awesome message! Here is their post on Huffington Post.

4. A video from one the guys participating in the Labels Lie campaign.

5. Lastly, I came across this great post from Rachel Held Evans. This one addressed the label “Evangelical” in a way that was both courageous and honest. Loved it! and the comments too.

Have a great weekend!

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