First day in the cloud.

Today is my first day not owning a computer. Putting ALL of my data into cloud storage on Google, I planned to try to continue using my “computer” at the local library. I figured that if my taxes are paying to keep all to 27″ iMacs at the library running, I might as well get some use out of them! So far so good! I signed in on the computer, plugged in my headphones, played a playlist formally in my iTunes from google Play, and wrote some research for a friend into Evernote (my new favorite application). Over all, “cloud computing” is perfect for me right now. Plus the urge to waste so much time checking stat updates is gone (the same day I sold my Mac I deleted my Facebook) so I’m writing a lot more! It’s only day one, but already I am lovin this new adventure of choosing to own- or be owned by, perhaps- less stuff and be less distracted. Woo!


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