A few days later (in the cloud)

Being a few days into not having a computer or Facebook account, I have some new thoughts on it:

I’m experiencing life in a more immersive way than I used to. It’s a little easier to focus on what’s going on in front of my face, when I don’t have to keep up with stat updates. There are new distractions though. I carry a book around everywhere. In the past- last week actually- I read in nightly cram sessions of a couple hours at a time. I’ve re-learned to take in bite sized portions of a book in spare moments as I go through my day. That whittling is getting me through more reading than I used to get the old way. Now, those long stints of time at night are spent on the home and family. I clean and hangout with Jessie. That’s the single best thing about all this so far to me. The relationships I have in front of me are more alive and present than when I was half-present, half-virtually absent.
Something needs to change in regards to writing though. The library is so far of a drive that I don’t want to go there after work when I can go home. I am writing this post on my phone since I have no home computer. I really want a keyboard and intuitive web access for research and photos and blog editing. And idevices aren’t cutting it. Plus they were expensive and make me feel a little sick. Im thinking about picking up a $199 chromebook for the keyboard and writing stuff in my life… I don’t know. I do know I don’t want frills, whistles, or to spend any money that I don’t absolutely have to spend. I have other things id like used the resources God has given on than toys. we shall see how this plays out.

PS- don’t worry, friends. I still stand behind NOT getting a Windows PC. No matter what! That’s why the chromebook may be the right option. Or nothing at all. That’s a great option too!



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