Friday Fives


Here is another list of my favorite posts that I came across this week. Yes, most of them are from the same bloggers I usually post. But they are all I read, So, If you have any recommendations for must-read bloggers (including yourself), please leave a comment!

      PS: It came to my attention in the last Friday Fives that some people don’t get the hyper-link concept. Strange. But those poor folks deserve some good weekend reading too. If you are one of those hyper-link-virgins, then might I suggest giving it a try? Just click anything that’s blue in my post and be amazed at the internet wizardry! Good Luck!

1.  A short post for writers about how we think about our work. Donald Miller nails it on the head with this short stinger of a post!

2. One more post about writing. This one I found on dailypost.wordpress, and it’s about ‘about’ pages! It has me wanting to completely re-write mine very soon! 

3. For Christians. It’s a great, almost too honest look at how we tend to think about “those other people” all around us. Gotta love! 

4. Out of them all, This WHOLE SERIES of posts has been rocking my world! They have given me a lot to think about in terms of my lifestyle. Warning, if you read these, just know that some very similar posts will be coming from me in the next few weeks as I begin to take my own journey towards a minimalist lifestyle.

5. Finally, I really enjoyed getting this post-thanksgiving post from my Pastor. I especially love the line at the end about locating ourselves, but I’m not going to quote it. Go read it for yourself! Sheesh, that’s what this is about after all!

BONUS! If you actually made it all the way through all the Friday Fives, then congrats! I have one more for you. Think of it as reward for the those of you who might be big grammar nerds like me 🙂 Here it is. It’s the first explanation of the subjunctive tense that I’ve ever understood. (That includes high-school English class. Sorry Mrs. Reynolds.)

Have a great weekend! and happy reading!


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