Two Must-Read Book Lists (one for you, one for me)


First, here are some books from my “to read” list:

I probably shouldn’t read this right now, since have never liked my day-job less than I have this week. After a great one-week writing streak, I get blown to bits with hours. I will be basically be working from 5am to 6pm all week, so I apologize if I don’t post as regularly as I had just finally begun to. I still plan to read this. Maybe it will give me some deeper understanding of how to balance my time.

Another solid book on the art of writing that I profess to attempt. When I’m not working.

What? Why haven’t I read this yet, you ask? Because it went under my radar until a month or so ago. I love Donald Miller’s writing! I’ve been reading it since Blue Like Jazz and have read so much about his journey that his books and blogs read more like letters from a friend, than writings from a premier best-selling author.

Second, here are some books you should read (if you haven’t):

OK, the movie surpassed my expectations, but the book… just wow. You owe it to yourself to take that journey across the Pacific with Piscine and his tiger named Richard Parker. You won’t be the same. PS: I just stumbled onto a great  review of the book here. Now I want to read it again… sheesh, this is supposed to be your to-read list, not mine.

Thanks to the witch hunts (or facebook trolling) of this past election, it’s no secret that I lean pretty left, and that I think Jesus did too. This post isn’t to debate that (besides we both know that we aren’t going to change each other’s minds on here). Instead, this recommendation is for those who are curious that a person can even make such a claim. Maybe, like me, you had some feeling that things you hear from the Christian community about the roles of government aren’t lining up with what you are reading for yourself in the gospels. This book gives credence to those ‘nudgings’. It addresses government/personal responsibility, abortion, environment, gay marriage, the church, war, poverty and a myriad of other topics. And it quotes Jesus an awful lot.

I read this book about a year ago and it is still affecting my work-life. It’s a must-read for any body with a job. Period. It reads more like a mantra or a call-to-action than a self-help or how-to-succeed book. Seth’s honesty on the subject of why the world needs you to rock at your job is a very challenging one, filled with great stories of people who didn’t just phone it in, but decided to poke the box. By the way, it’s almost as short as this post.

5 thoughts on “Two Must-Read Book Lists (one for you, one for me)”

  1. Another must read book is “The Power of the Dog” by Don Winslow, in my opinion. It’s one of the most beautiful novels I’ve ever read. And I’ve read over 100 novels only in the last 2 years.

    1. I’ll have to check it out! 100 novels? That’s insane! Not only do I read at a painfully slow pace, but my day job sucks up most of my day. It will go on my list however! Any recommendations for short stories btw? I’ve been interested in reading more of those; I just need to know where to look.

      1. I highly recommend you these short stories:
        The Girl Behind the Hedge (written by Mickey Spillane)
        The Little House at Croix – Russe (written by George Simenon)
        Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! : )

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